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Big Data in Commodity Markets

THE COMMODITY LANDSCAPE has changed. Increased competition, a revised regulatory framework, pricing transparency, slower Chinese growth, a globalised market place, alongside investments in renewables, oil and gas shale and LNG, have all contributed to market complexity. But there’s a new dynamic...

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Business Success Through Data Quality Management

THE ROUND-THE-CLOCK, PROCESS intensive and critical use of commodity data for analysis and decision support in trading, risk, and market operations requires quality, trusted data to help drive business advantage, implement new strategies and improve operational results. Paradoxically, there’s a...

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The Rise & Rise of Forward Curves

The financial, operational and strategic importance of forward curves underlines that organisations need to ensure that transparent and robust curve management and construction methodologies are in place. These need to be allied with well defined quality assurance practices, stewardship and the...

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Leveraging Data

Commodity Data Management: Today’s commodity trading organizations are overwhelmed and under increasing pressure to process, understand and act upon a deluge of external and internal information flows that provide the life-blood of the company’s success or failure.

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An Interview with Richard Quigley of DataGenic

I first met Richard Quigley, CEO of Datagenic a few months back at the Essen E‐World Conference and Tradeshow. He was very keen to catch my attention and talked with passion about his business and products. Recently, I caught up with Richard again by phone to discuss with him data management and...

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Addressing Data Dyslexia

Everybody thinks they know what data is, but it seems that few really understand and appreciate the value of data to a business, writes Jeremy Wilcox.

SOMEONE WHO WANTS to correct ‘data dyslexia’ is DataGenic’s Managing Director, Richard Quigley who terms data, “The lifeblood of a company and its...

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Market Outlook 2009

Data management is not a business luxury in a recession

Markets thrive on uncertainty, as uncertainty brings risks and risks provide rewards. Well, this used to be the case, but for most of this decade trading and risk management has been arguably more conservative with the notable exception of the...

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Europe's Energy Data Challenge

IN ITS 2007 Strategic Energy Review the European Commission called for infrastructure unbundling to make data more available. Brussels believes that data transparency is central to efficient and effective market competition, and while this view is shared by the more progressive free market...

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The Changing Face of Meter Data Management

Meter Data Management (MDM) is taking a more active and prevalent role in today’s IT system infrastructure. Organisations are no longer cocooned in the notion that an add-on database from a Customer Information System (CIS) or Automotive Meter Reading (AMR) vendor will adequately address the...

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